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Many arts have the same principles. But When I found the similarities between Music and Martial Arts it was eye opening! From the different types of styles to the different types of genres. From muscle memory to improv. And actually doing it in real situations gaining experience verses classroom study. There is no art better than the other.  Although there may be a better fit in certain situations that flow better. Learning from every art and being well rounded is key to both the music and martial arts world. My original style Kengua is a mixture of Krav Maga, Kenpo, Bagua, and other Kung Fu forms. Being free to flow from one art to the other in any given situation, and focusing on survival is the goal. Mindset is key for us.There is a certain attitude and spirit behind everything you do. When that is strong and focused, your music and martial arts come out strong and focused. It all starts from within.Start your journey today!

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KenGua Martial Arts

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